The Safety First System® brand has evolved into one of the most vital aspects of our business. Each product in our Safety First System® brand line is specifically designed to enhance user safety. We have continually worked with our partner companies to identify needs and invent designs that are safe, compelling and absolutely the best tool for the application. With dramatic results, our Safety First System® products enhance the work environment for many companies by reducing employee cut injuries, minimizing or eliminating damaged merchandise, while enabling the potential for increased profits. We have always listened to our customers large and small and that is what has always worked.

Years ago, with our original “Handy Cutter” flat box cutter, a trend was emerging, when there was no such thing as workers comp only an opportunity for safety. Grocers and retail businesses became more advanced, and we paid attention, by designing one new product after another. This kind of industry awareness has made PHC the industry leader, in producing carton cutters to the top retailers in the world.

Using extensive training materials as an integral part of the Safety First System®, we understand the work environment, the culture and deliver the very best product and service available.