When efficiency is high on your list, use QuickBlade® knives.

Since time has become more important these days, our full line of products are designed to be "The Worker's Edge™". You can work longer be more comfortable, and get more done without fatigue or injuries- that is what the QuickBlade® brand is all about.

The signature QuickBlade® Utility knife (QBR-19) was one of the first quick blade change cutters available (1995). Innovative features, like the high-security threaded release, permit blade change in seconds. Other time-saving products include the QuickBlade® dispenser, that stores and safely disposes blades. Individual sharp blades are dependably dispensed in seconds. Our new Pocket safety cutters, bring cutting convenience within your reach. This cutter can be imprinted with your logo or message for private labeling.

The ergonomics of QuickBlade® cutters provide for maximum comfort while working at both moderate and full force cutting. This means at the end of the day you accomplish more.

That's a first cut.