Used in the RZ3 ® and EZ3 ® this heavy-duty .025 utility blade is best suited for high force cutting applications. For box cutting use the SP-017 blade in these cutters.
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Short Cut Blade

Used most effectively in the EZ3® and RZ3® safety cutters, this safety point, blunted tip safety blade is made for heavy-duty cutting applications. The difference is this single notch blade is safer by magnitudes preventing puncture wounds in case of a directional slip. Note: Unlike the SP-017 blade, this blade will not fit the S4 and S5 safety cutters.

Innovative Features:
  • Blunt safety tip blade prevents puncture wounds / damaged merchandise
  • Long-lasting
  • .025 thickness for all purpose cutting
  • Efficient
Safety First System®
Flat stock cutter, Utility Knives, Blade Safety
Everyday Use, Facilities Workers, Warehouse Workers
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Product Name: SP-025 - Replacement Utility Blades for RZ3 & EZ3 Units per Case: 30 BoxesMinimum Order Quantity: 1
    Universal Product Code: 0-7441-00373-2
  Weight per Case (lbs): 30  
Blade Thickness: .025  Packaging : Box