The disposable film cutter is a smart combination of shapes and functions, film cutting and tape splitting in one tool.
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Gain Some Leverage.

With a unique film piercing tip, begin cutting from the top, bottom or middle of a shrink wrapped pallet. The non-removable, super sharp stainless blade, eliminates hazardous loose blades from the workplace. An effective blade-less tape splitter also safely splits box tape to open boxes.

Innovative Features:
  • Tape notch for bladeless box tape splitting
  • Economical
  • Form fitting handle
  • Permanent durable stainless steel blade prevents loose blade
  • Effortlessly cuts stretch wrap
Safety First System®
Light-duty cutting, Tape splitter
Facilities Workers, Wholesale Workers, Warehouse Workers, Retail Workers, Emergency Personnel
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Product Name: DFC-364 Disposable Film Cutter / Hook Knife Units per Case: 300Minimum Order Quantity: 1
  Units per Inner Pack: 60Universal Product Code: 0-73441-00364-0
  Weight per Case (lbs): 21  
    Packaging : Each