Box Cutting Perfection

S4® safety cutter, the industry leader in carton cutter safety reduces worker injuries, workers compensation claims by up to 85% and minimizes or eliminates merchandise damage (shrink), saving company's thousands of dollars. To help you implement your safety cutter program, training materials and posters are available to maximize the benefits and enhance productivity.

Innovative Features:
  • Blunt safety tip blade prevents puncture wounds / damaged merchandise
  • Top cut position for safe carton cutting / opening
  • Convenient 5 blade storage compartment
  • Tray cut position for single and triple corrugated cartons
  • Built in tape splitter
Safety First System®
Light-duty cutting, Tape splitter, Tray Display Cutter
Grocery Store Worker, Facilities Workers, Wholesale Workers, Warehouse Workers, Retail Workers
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Product Name: S4® Safety Cutter Units per Case: 72Minimum Order Quantity: 1
  Units per Inner Pack: 12Universal Product Code: 0-7344100422-7
Includes: (1) SP-017 BladeWeight per Case (lbs): 10  
    Packaging : Each