PBD-SP017 (Dispenser only) / PBD-SP017B (Dispenser loaded with 5 blades)
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Quick, Easy And Safe

In a production work environment, the last thing you want is to stop and search for blades. The PBD Pocket Blade Dispenser holds 5 New and 5 Used blades.

Innovative Features:
  • Reduces worker injury by safely dispensing one blade at a time
  • Safely lever prevents accidental blade dispensing
  • Safe storage of used blades
  • Attaches to holster for safety and convenience
  • Safe to carry in smock or pocket
Utility Knives, Replacement Blade, Blade Dispensing, Blade Disposal
Shipping, Warehousing, Facilities Workers, Construction Workers, Everyday Use
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Product Name: PBD Pocket Blade Dispenser     
    Universal Product Code: 0-73441-006122 (without blade)
0-73441-006139 (with 5 blades loaded)