The QuickBlade® Autoloading utility knife is a versatile fully featured cutter, enabling blade change without tools and/or possible injuries due to blade handling
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Ready, Load, Cut.

The QuickBlade® autoloading utility knife makes your job easier and safer too. The robust zinc die-cast and powder coated handle is a tool to keep for a lifetime. The indispensable auto-loading feature,enables blade change in seconds. Just remove the blade from the front, then retract the slider into the handle and load a new blade.

Innovative Features:
  • Convenient 5 blade storage compartment
  • No tool blade change
  • Powder coated finish
  • Form fitting handle
  • Quick blade change
Flat stock cutter, One-hand blade change, Quick blade change
Facilities Workers, Wholesale Workers, Warehouse Workers, Construction Workers, Field Workers
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Product Name: QBA-375 Autoloading Utility Knife Units per Case: 60Minimum Order Quantity: 1
  Units per Inner Pack: 10Universal Product Code: 0-73441-000375-6
Includes: 5 BladesWeight per Case (lbs): 36  
Blade Thickness: .025  Packaging : Each