Why PHC?
"PHC’s customer service staff is kind and courteous, but what really makes a difference is they go the extra mile every time to get me what I need. That’s what keeps me coming back, not to mention their great products."
A major hardware chain

Q: What types of products does PHC manufacture?
A: PHC creates and manufactures world-class cutters and tools that support our customer base in two main areas: The Safety First System® brand of Safety products and QuickBlade® brand of Industrial Hardware products.

Q: How long has PHC been in operation?
A: After 50 years, PHC continues to provide expert razor cutting tools to all retailers and industries worldwide.

Q: How do I know if I need a safety cutter or another cutter?
A: When concerned with accidents from inadvertent cut injuries in a production environments, it pays to use a safety cutter. Most work establishments require an injury-free workplace, that’s why our safety cutters are found throughout. Many of our cutters have built-in safety features regardless of production or occasional-use applications.

Q: How do I know what is the correct cutter for me?
A: It depends on a few factors such as: What are the materials being cut, how thick is the material being cut, How much blade is required to get the job done ½ blade or full blade, does operation allow safety cutter usage, What type of cutting is being performed – cut box tops off, belly cutting cases, tray cutting cases. PHC offers test samples to match to cutting jobs.

Q: What statistical information will help me to choose PHC?
A: All our cutting tools are 100% guaranteed with full replacement, along with quality customer service. Retailers had substantiated an 85% reduction in employee cuts using safety cutters. Shrink reduction is another benefit that is always realized, which is measured differently in each organization. PHC cutting tools provide a competitive advantage over other organizations.

Q: Do you have other knives besides safety cutters?
A: Yes, in our QuickBlade® brand we have some very innovative products that make working more efficient and more comfortable. With the QuickBlade® Utility Knife, you can change a blade in seconds.

Q: What safety precautions are taken into account when your products are designed?
A: All tools are designed to be the most durable and best quality tools available. The design process begins with the different parameters of the desired operation for a tool and safety functionality. Customer user input is always our top consideration throughout this process.

Q: Can I view some products before ordering?
A: Peruse through the new PHC web site that offers cutting videos, pictures, specifications along with training support materials. Then fill out the free sample link with your choices and free samples will be shipped to your address.

Q: Can I have a cutter personalized with my company logo/slogan for a tradeshow?
A: Yes, most items allow printing of company logos or symbols. PHC professionally designs and imprints all items in our Costa Mesa plant. We also have a promotional department that has many offerings for imprinting that can be used to advertise and increase your sales.

Q: How long does a razor blade last?
A: There are a few factors that determine blade life. The most important is the thickness and abrasiveness of the material being cut. Does the operator hit and nick the blade during cutting and do they have a smooth or side to side cutting stoke technique. How often does the operator make changes?

Q: How do I order?
A: You can fax, call, or fill out the contact link in this web site. All orders are processed immediately and shipped as soon as ordering information and arrangements have been made. Invoices are mailed to your billing address under separate cover.

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